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Our Approach


Tailored to your exact requirements.


Forming a one-size-fits-all company is not always the best idea. We can create a company tailored to your exact requirements. 


There are many benefits of converting your business from a sole trader to a limited company. Lower taxes, more secure business structure, and a better public reputation are just some of the perks — but only if you do it correctly! Business owners should be aware of the correct legal procedure for making such a change.


We can also assist with the following: 


  • Appointment of the roles of company directors or secretaries
  • Issuance of subscriber shares
  • The supply of registered office services
  • Acting as company secretary
  • Recommending and assisting with bank accounts
  • PAYE and VAT registrations


We also offer a full-service option of ongoing bookkeeping, year-end statutory and management account preparation and submission of all the required documents to Companies House. 


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